Monday, November 19, 2018 16:28

Case Studies

East Village

Another hoarding recently completed for Mace, No6 East Village in Stratford. As you will see below there are a range of Hoardings on this project, 2.4m + 3m sections, Some areas concreted in the ground and some on blocks. We also installed a number of gates including the 10m mesh set pictured below.

Aldi Chellaston

We do a lot of standard 2.4m high hoardings for new and existing stores, However as you will see from the pictures below this one was slightly different, 40m of 3.4m high hoarding fixed from floor to soffit. Full engineers design and calculations supplied prior to install.

Bartholomew Close

2.4m timber hoarding install Bartholomew Close London EC1A for Mclaren, Posts fixed to concrete blocks, including 6m Bi-fold gate + Double door set See below pictures, For more information please see our Contact page for details so we can assist you with your next project.

SMA – St Mary’s Axe

St Mary’s Axe – MACE A2O Hoarding installed a 4m wide sliding gate within an existing hoarding package included full design work.

Bracknell Regeneration

Bracknell – Knight Harwood As you can see below A2O installed shopfront hoardings at various heights at the new Bracknell regeneration project,The hoarding installation was fully designed and supported by large timber frames internally. Site Address: Bracknell Regeneration Project The Ring Bracknell RG12 1HB For more info on this project please contact our Senior Contracts [...]

O2 Arena

O2 Arena – ISG Installation of 3KN Crowd Loaded hoarding and gates at the main entrance of the O2 arena. Installed out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to busy venue.

Whiteley Village Care Home

Whiteley Village Care Home - Castleoak 2.4m high timber hoarding, Posts concreted in the ground Design shown below

Oxford Street

Oxford Street – ISG 4m high hoarding installed on the famous Oxford Street, one of the busiest streets in London. The hoarding installation was fully designed and self supporting on ballast filled Kentledge boxes.