Stable & secure hoardings, which
look great, delivered with service

quality at our core

Hoarding - Quality Intro


We have all seen the consequences of getting quality wrong in our trade.

A2O offers assurance of

  • stability and integrity underwritten by full design and calculations – no liabilities
  • a quality-assured installation, which looks great and enhances the client’s brand
  • quality performance, securing the site

quality standards

For quality assurance, design, calculations and installation are carried out to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
  • A Guide to Hoarding Best PracticeTWf2012: 1 revised Aug 2020
  • A2O Hoarding Best Practices Manual, based on c20 years of experience

Every design and installation is underwritten by professional indemnity.

Twf - Twf
Project Quality Planning - Project Quality Planning

Project quality planning


    • Assess Client’s requirements and specifications
    • Price works accordingly

Post-Tender Stage:

    • Develop scheme with client
    • Confirm specification
    • Specification leads into design and Inspection Test Plans

Site quality management

Installation Stage:

    • Materials checked on site prior to install
    • Ongoing quality checks by site supervisor


    • Site Supervisor and/or Contract Manager reviews install against ITPs, Inspection Test Plans
    • The works are signed-off to design and specification
    • Works are handed over to client with handover documents
Bloomberg Arcade Quality Widescreen - Bloomberg Arcade Quality Widescreen