Primarily used in live, occupied commercial spaces, pre-finished panels are delivered ready to install, minimising dust, noise and disruption.

  • Internal Hoarding - M&Amp;S Staff Area (Tbc)
  • M&Amp;S Cardiff Escalator

MFC is the most common and best value-for-money solution for most internal sites.

Firerated or accoustic insulated hoardings may be required for higher-spec projects.

Pre-finished UPVC panels are more suitable where appearance is very important. These are easy to cut to size and are the most environmentally-friendly option.





Pre-finished MFC (Melamine-Face Chipboard) Hoardings offer cost effective, as no on-site decoration is needed.

These panels offer best value for money, where cutting to size is unnecessary.

These panels can be re-used or recycled.


Isowall, an insulated wall panel, is available with fire ratings of up to 2 hours.

Isowall Ranilla panels are 150mm-thick insulation slabs faced both sides with steel sheet


Pre-finished UPVC panels are more suitable where appearance is important. UPVC panels are also easy to cut to size. These panels can be re-used several times or recycled. They are also made from recycled materials (i.e. most environmentally-friendly option?)

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