Design & Structural Calculations

A site-specific design is provided for every project, prior to installation. Each design is covered by professional indemnity insurance and complies with industry standards and best practice.

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  • Connection-Details---The-Hub-Victoria---Low-Res-Mock-Up


Each site-specific hoarding design includes:

  • Initial drawings and calculations for comment
  • As-built drawings
  • CAT II check, if required
  • In-house temporary works co-ordinator, if required

All designs comply with – “Temporary Works Forum publication TWF2012:01 Hoardings – A guide to good practice and relevant British and European Standards”; are completed by an external temporary works engineer and are covered by their PI insurance

For pedestrian walkways and tunnels, pedestrian volumes at maximum flow times are calculated, fire-ratings are evaluated and escape requirements fully designed in.

Site Security

Our hoardings are designed to keep out the general public and intruders.  

Additional measures can be used or designed in:

  • Anti-climb paint
  • Fans, e.g. for crane hoardings to deter base jumpers (Palmerston Road Harrow)
  • Extra high hoardings: up to 3.6m or any height for fixed-to-scaffold
  • Mesh extensions to increase hoarding height without wind-loading

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