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A2O Hoarding share the main concerns of the construction industry around hoarding and focus on:

A2O has extensive experience with inner city sites, obtaining licences and installing walkways, tunnels and site facilities.

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Design covers a range of hoardings, heights, gates and security measures; as well as walkways and tunnels including maximum pedestrian volumes and escape issues; retail unit infills, fascias and soffits and graphic design.

Calculations cover structural and wind loadings; permissible stress and design of face materials, horizontal rails, connections and fixings. 

Our engineers produce design drawings and calculations for each project, which are submitted for comment and approval prior to installation.

Every design is fully covered by PI insurance.


All our timber is sustainable and sourced under chain of custody.

Reusable hoardings can be used on many projects, reducing environmental impact and optimising value.

Recycled materials enjoy a new lease of life at a local events company, instead of going to landfill.

Reusable Hoardings

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