Brick Slip

Brick facades are making a comeback with architects! 

A brick slip rainscreen has many benefits over traditionally laid brickwork, such as: speed of install; no need for lintels; flexibility and the option of installation from MEWPs.

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A2O have been working with various brick slip rainscreen systems for many years and have become a market leader in the leading non-combustible systems.

While the systems themselves are simple in concept, a high level of product knowledge is required for the design of the backing structure, interfaces, brick coursing, fire barrier positioning and detailing. This is particularly relevant on high rise installations.

A2O have developed a suite of standard details and support arrangements to accommodate most installations. Bespoke calculations based on project specific wind loads will be provided for all designs.


Corium is an A1 fire-tested brick slip system. It is a flexible system with options on non-standard brick tile heights and lengths. A2O are an industry leader in the design and installation of Corium and are well placed to provide project-specific advice.

Mech Slip

Mech Slip is an A1-fire tested brick slip system created from real bricks! A brick skin is cut from the faces of a brick and with grooves to mount into an aluminium support system. A2O have been an early adopter of this new and very popular rainscreen system.

Natural X

Natural X is A1 fire rated sister system of Mech Slip, comprising extruded brick tiles. Natural X is a more cost-effective system and is well suited to projects where a traditional brick finish is not a necessity.

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