Case Study

Bloomberg Arcade

London EC4N

Bloomberg Arcade comprises 9 independent restaurants in the heart of London’s Square Mile. The hoarding install was to accommodate external works to the Arcade.

The first phase of 125m hoardings on concrete Kentledge blocks was installed over a weekend in line with the client’s install programme, together with Heras fencing, acoustic panels and mesh. The same hoardings were reused for Phases 2 and 3.

The install took place in a busy pedestrian area, while the restaurants were trading. A2O liaised with the Corporation of London on logistics and to arrange 3 hoarding licences.

ISG Agility


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  • Contract Value: £50,000
  • Features: on Kentledge blocks
  • Access: Security Doors
  • Licence: 3 applied for & delivered
  • Reuse

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