Case Study

Victoria Halls, Wembley

North End Road, Middlesex

Victoria Halls is a £23m, 435 bedroom student accommodation facility next to Wembley Stadium, undergoing improvement works by main contractor Collins Construction.

Fixed to Scaffold

The hoardings, from 2.4 to 7m high with 1.2m low-level boxings, were installed directly to the scaffold gantry, securing the site and providing a safe route for pedestrians. Double doors, single doors to the tunnel and a power board were provided.

Site Accommodation

  • 18m x 3.2m Welfare Accommodation with changing rooms & WCs, 1hr fire-rated.
  • 10m x 2.4m Gantry Office Accommodation, 1hr fire-rated.
  • Additional Welfare Cabin.



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Commercial Director

  • Contract Value: £ 90,000
  • Feature: 7m high hoardings
  • Feature: 18m Welfare Cabin
  • Doors: Double & 2 Singles

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