Case Study

Project Mint, O2, Greenwich


Project Mint, named after the scheme’s shape which resembles a polo mint, is an outlet village around The O2 Arena of 80+ retail units arranged either side of a central street.

The £500k hoarding contract ran over 2 years, with hoardings reused and relocated over 5 phases. At each phase escape routes had to be maintained from the main arena, through the outlet, to the exterior. The escape routes required design for 3KN crowd loadings out of the arena.

The external works were standard 2.4m hoardings on Kentledge concrete blocks. The internal works were flame-resistant treated timber and ply. 

Installation was out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to this busy venue.



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Commercial Director

  • Contract Value: £ 512,000
  • Features: 5 Phases over 2 years
  • Features: Escape Routes designed for very high crowd loadings
  • Access: Gates & Doors
  • Reuse

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